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Songs ‘n’ Sweets with the Carberry Plains Museum

posted Apr 23, 2018, 9:19 AM by Kathy Carr
If Celtic music wasn’t your cup of tea, perhaps a mixture of classic rock, folk, pop and a bit of blues and bluegrass is. “Lucky Ned” is set to entertain us at the Royal Canadian Legion on May 6. The evening is called “Songs ‘n’ Sweets” and is sponsored by the Carberry Plains Museum Board.
Maybe you remember and still love Elvis? Roy Orbison? The Everly Brothers? The Beach Boys?
Their music is classic and timeless. For the over 60 group, it stirs memories of high school dances and jukeboxes in the local café. That is just some of the music that Lucky Ned will bring to us.
“Lucky Ned” is composed of two of the Shameless Folk (Bill Turner and Kerry Skin­ner), with an additional two musicians (Brent White and Brian Giesb­recht), who describe themselves as “seasoned”. They will be doing the entertaining – and with that variety of styles, there should be something that you will enjoy! They won’t even mind if you are tempted to get up and show off your dance steps!
The show starts at 6:00 p.m. You may have eaten your supper first, but save some room for dessert! 
The Museum Board has some excellent bakers amongst them, and there will be a variety of tempting desserts on hand, along with beverages, of course: tea, coffee, and whatever the Legion has to serve you!
So, mark your calendars for Sunday, May 6. The Carberry Plains Museum Board is hosting another event as we are making an effort to raise funds to do some much-needed repairs and exhibit changes at the museum.
This is our second fundraiser this year. The museum board is working hard doing major changes to the exhibits. We are expanding our military display to include the significant display we received from McCain’s regarding the British Com­mon­­wealth Training Plan air base here. We are including an exhibit of technology as well. 
We have been busy with the paint brush, brightening up the walls and backdrops to make our museum a brighter and more visitor-friendly place. Along with that, the trim in the Ginger­bread House needs painted and the east porch needs to be rebuilt. 
While we get funding from the province (although the amount has not changed in 20 years) and our local councils, the upkeep of two buildings and refreshing of exhibits (along with the regular operating costs) all takes a lot of funding.
The Museum Board hopes our Songs ‘n’ Sweets event will be a fun evening for us all, as well as a chance to do some PR for the museum. Tickets are available from any member of the museum board or at the Carberry News-Express office. Thanks for your support!

by Gloria Mott