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The results are in for the Rec Centre

posted Dec 5, 2016, 8:04 AM by Kathy Carr
What should be done about the Rec Centre? That is a question you have probably been hearing for years. Well after the feasibility study meeting that was held on Thursday, November 25, we now have an answer to that question.
The whole process for replacing the Rec Centre has been in the works for years and as Grady Step­henson, Manager of Parks, Facilities and Sanitation says “We still have a long way to go.” The land for the new facility which will be located across the street from our current Rec Cen­tre was purchased about four years ago and the Town and Municipality have been saving up for this type of project as well, knowing that they would need a plan for the future. “We know we aren’t going to be in this building forever and we are trying to learn from mistakes of the other communities. We don’t want to end up with the building falling down and no plan” said Step­henson.
So under the directions of the previous Rec Director Laine Wilson and the Rec Board, they began to take the steps in the planning process. After having the public complete a survey and holding a World Cafe event in January of this year, they put out a tender for a request for proposals for preparing a feasibility study for “A new Multi-Use Recreation Facility for the Town of Carberry and the Municipality of North Cypress-Lang­ford.” They had two groups submit proposals and based on the information they received, they awarded the tender in February of this year to HMC Management. The architect firm that worked alongside HMC is Aodbt Architecture + Interior Design.  The Rec Board and HMC worked hand in hand from February to the meeting last Thursday night. 
Grady said that he and Dean Yaremchuk were in constant contact, making sure they had the correct information and sharing ideas. 
It was from the information collected from the survey, World Cafe event and information about the current facility and usage numbers along with a meeting on April 13, 2016 between the Car­berry Plains Community Centre Recreational Board and HMC to discuss the elements and major components that would be required for the new centre, that went into the HMC coming up with a recommendation on the type of facility we would need in the future which was presented to the public at the meeting on the 25th.
The proposal that was presented at the meeting, walked the 40 members of the public that attended  through the process that HMC had gone through from when they were first awarded the contract to the meeting that night. It was here that we saw what they were proposing, which is very similar to what we have now along with some new added extras. Here is a list of what they recommended for us.  
Skating Arena 
•  North American (85’ x 200’) 
•  6 Dressing Rooms - sized as existing 
•  Seating Capacity (400 to 500) 
• Upper deck lounge (Skating and Curling) 
• Inside Seating (wheelchair accessible) 
•  Seating area heating 
•  Glass - 6 foot all the way around  
•  Concrete floor insulated 
•  Ample storage 
•  Building Structure and envelope system attractive and cost effective 
•  LED Lighting 
•  Press Box 
Curling Arena 
•  4 sheets 
•  Arena heating 
• Seating capacity (50 to 80) 
• Male and female locker area and change rooms 
Shooting Range 
•  Ability to shoot pistols and 22 calibre guns 
• Ensure design follows federal, provincial or generally accepted regulations 
Bowling Alley 
•  4 lanes (synthetic) 
•  Intent is to use existing lanes and equipment in a new facility 
•  Auto Pin setting 
•  Auto scoring 
•  Foul detecting device 
•  Small locker system and general storage 
• Side area lounge with seating 
•  Meeting room for 25 
Meeting Space/ 
• Throughout the facility where practical 
Community Hall/
Per­for­ming Arts Facility 
•  Seating capacity 400 
•  Hardwood floor 
•  Elevated stage 
• Backstage storage and washrooms 
• Full kitchen service (stand-alone) 
•  Walk-in coolers 
•  Multiple bar areas 
•  Typical light and sound 
Soccer Pitches 
•  1 Full pitch 
•  Movable seating for 50 
Ball Diamonds 
•   2 Fastball (1 to be lighted) 
•  2 Baseball (1 to be lighted) 
• Complete fencing all diamonds 
•  Shale Infield - Fastball 
Grass/shale infield - baseball 
•  Irrigation 
•  Infield weeping tile 
• Fenced dugouts with roof 
•  Bleacher seating 
•  Electric and water serviced 
•   Public Announcing area 
•  Storage area 
•  Full service pull through (6 spaces) 
• Back In Full Service (12 spaces) 
•  Tent sites (10 spaces) 
•  Dedicated Washrooms 
•  Dedicated Showers 
•  Sewer dump station 
•  Playground 
•  Group cook shack 
•  Firewood storage 
•  Landscaped 
•  Outdoor 
•  Leisure aspect (0 depth) 
•  4 swim lanes (25m) 
•  For competitive meets 
•  Diving (1 metre board) 
• Change rooms combined with Curling Arena 
Cashier and office area 
• Spray Features (minimum) 
•  Spray Pad 
•  Concrete tank 
•  Sand Filter 
•  Gas Chlorination 
•  Pool area sized similar to existing 
• Partial covering as per existing pool 
Food Services 
•  Should service as many areas as possible 
General Major Structure Systems 
•  Refrigeration (ammonia, separate chillers for each arena) 
•  Waste Heat recovery (as much as possible) 
•  Automation where possible 
• Water system (Reverse Osmosis) 
•  Dehumidification 
•  Street lighting and Lin­kage pathway lighting 
• Camera and general security 
• Air-conditioning for Hall, kitchen areas, bowling alley and shooting rage 
Other Potential Program Components 
•  Skateboard area 
• Dog Park (off leash) Large fenced area 
•  Linked pathways 
• Media (TV) Camera elec­t­rical 
• Adequate parking (by bylaw) 
•  Reception area 
• 3 offices Manager, Direc­tor and staff 
After the presentation was made to the public at the meeting, a question was asked as to when did they think they would begin construction on the new facility. The answer to that question was hopefully in a few years, but there is nothing definite yet.
Stephenson said that they plan to build the new Rec Centre in phases, so that it will be easier to manage financially. How they will prioritize the list for what will get done when, will be based on the needs of the Town, Municipality at the time.
He wanted to make clear that this project will take place over the next number of years, possibly as many as 10-15. Once an analysis is done of the current Rec Centre, it will give them an idea of how much life is left in our current place and a better time line for constructing the new Rec Centre
“This was a big step just to get the ball rolling, but we have a lot of work to do. The first meeting was positive and we’re excited to go forward. ” 

by Kathy Carr