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Town Council - Anderson steps down from Heath Committee

posted Dec 26, 2016, 4:39 PM by Kathy Carr
An application for a variation brought more than one interested neighbour to the Council Chambers on Tuesday, December 13. Carberry Town Council met for their final meeting of the year on that evening.
Planning Officer J. McEntee introduced a variation application for K & T Campbell, who desire to reduce the minimum front and rear yards of the two-family dwelling to make it compliant with the conditions of their subdivision application. They desire to turn the duplex into two titled properties, with a party wall as the dividing line.
Neighbours C & H Preece, and W. Kalin­owich were in attendance to understand the implication of the variation order. On learning that there are no changes to be made to the way the building is currently situated on the property, but it is a change because the orientation of the former sideyard be­comes fron­tage and vice versa, they were no objections.
Council passed the variation order to reduce the required minimum front and rear yard setbacks at 115 and 119 Calvert Ave. E for a two family dwelling, to allow it to be subdivided into two separate dwellings.
By-law 2/2015 has been on the agenda since early 2015, waiting for the Public Utilities Board to clear it for passage. It will now go on the 2017 agenda – by which time, council may have to change it again:
By-law No. 7/2016, allowing funding for a new recreation area and facility was given first reading. This earmarks 1.67 mills of the budget for recreation and $60,000 (or more) of that to go into a special reserve at the Community Foundation.
By-law 6/2016, cancelling the borrowing by-law was given final reading. The great thing about this by-law, is that the town did not have to borrow!
Joint meeting 
Council affirmed the decision made at the joint council meeting (with the Municipality of North Cypress-Langford) the previous afternoon to contract Cimco to replace the ice plant at the Carberry Plains Com­munity Centre at a cost of $546,970.00 plus taxes, with a 10% holdback, to be funded by $250,000 from the Recreation Re­serve and up to $200,000 from each council.
This is a huge sum in the town budget, and council spent some time discussing how they would fund this amount. They were unequivocal that the ice plant reno was absolutely necessary and will determine how it will be funded at further budget meetings.  Budget discussion's have already started and are ahead of previous years.
J. Brereton and M. Sudak were hired as casual Parks and Recreation staf­f on an as-needed basis (shared 50/50 with NCL).
Council also accepted the resignations of Tina Holland, nuisance gro­un­ds attendant, and Ryan George, Parks and Rec­reation labourer with regrets.
T. McConnell was authorized to attend the MMAA Finance Work­shop on Jan. 19 and 20 in Portage la Prairie, with costs shared by both municipalities.
Other business
The date for the Municipal Officials Sem­inar is April 11-13, which will conflict with the April meeting date. It is resc­heduled to April 10.
The Manitoba Road Improvement grant of $45,218.00 was received. This money goes against the cost of resurfacing certain streets in 2016.
Another cheque was received from Multi-Material Stewardship Manitoba, for $48,197.99. This represents the payment from the province for recycling 168.32 tonnes of recycling material for $286.35 per tonne. Thanks to the citizens who diligently recycle – it is saving money!
Around the table
Councillor Barry Ander­son, who has chaired the Health Action Committee for 20 years, has resigned as chairperson. There have been many improvements and changes under the work of this committee. Coun­cil thanked Barry for his many years of service.
Councillor John Ander­son brought a brochure for a machine that uses up to eighteen attachments to be used for everything to plowing sidewalks to cutting ditches. Although the cost is prohibitive right now, he is checking into it be­cause he feels it might be useful for the town.
Planner John McEntee gave the council something to think about for when the Development Plan is rewritten. Some ideas were: Secondary suites, or “Granny suites” in residences – do we want them, and if so, what kind of rules would you attach to a permit?
Would council be in favour of a “tiny house” in the residential area? (The zoning currently requires 600 sq. ft.
What about sea-cans (shipping containers) as houses? Are they all­owed? Are they allowed as temporary structures?
McEntee asked these questions because he is getting these questions. This generated some discussion – and gave the council members “fodder” for the next while, for when the new development plan is written.
Account totalling $137,959.66 were approved for payment. The next meeting will be January 10, 2017, with joint council being January 23. 
Council departed with Season’s greetings being extended to all!

by Gloria Mott