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Town Council - Cst. Derek Bodner joins Carberry RCMP detachment

posted Apr 11, 2016, 8:00 AM by Kathy Carr
Carberry RCMP has a new officer in its local detachment. Cst. Derek Bodner, fresh out of the training depot is now among the five stationed at Carberry. He attended the Carberry Town Council meeting on April 5, 2016.
From Surrey, B.C., Bodner commented that he had never seen temperatures below -15º C until his training in Regina. He has actually been here since the end of January, and last weekend was his introduction to a wedding social, an unknown concept outside of the prairies.
Besides introducing himself, Bodner asked for council’s help in putting together a community profile. The last one that was done was in the 1980’s. He also questioned Council as to their areas of concern in regards to policing. Much of the local policing shortcomings involve areas that would be covered by a by-law enforcement officer – if we had one. There have been some complaints about drivers ignoring the school zone, and there are places where the yellow curb is ignored.
Council welcomed Bodner to the community and offered their assistance with the profile. 
The by-law 2/2015, which increased the sewer rates, has not returned from the Public Utilities Board. The increase will help the town put some money away towards a new lagoon cell in the future.
CAO Jones questioned whether council wishes to continue with the special recreation services levy ($50 per household). This has been in effect and needs to be re-implemented for 2016-2021. With all the upcoming recreation expenses, council agreed to continue with the levy. This will go back to the Municipal Board.
By-law 3/2016, authorizing the Financial Plan (budget) for 2016 was given first reading. There will be a public meeting at the next meeting, after which (if there are no concerns) the next two readings will be given.
Other business
Resolutions from the joint meeting were passed: a grant of $600 was approved towards the Potato Pull at the 2016 fair – shared 50/50 with the RM; they agreed to be a silver sponsor of the McCain Golf tournament at Clear Lake for $2000 (shared 50/50 with the RM). Councillor Lin Mann will attend.
They resolved to accept the quote of J&G Supply to install flooring at the old municipal office.
CP Rail asked council to designate April 25-May 1, 2016 as ‘Public Rail Safety Week’ – which they did.
Council authorized the moving of an $11,092.77 surplus in the Utilities account into the reserve account.
Council has had some informal discussions regarding the sharing of office expenses. 
In the past, there has been only one municipal credit card, and those items that have had to be paid by credit card (such as seminar admissions and heavy equipment repairs), have been funnelled through the RM card and billed back. This has meant extra time sorting charges on the card, and CAO Jones felt it would make more sense for the Town of Carberry to have their own card. Council agreed to apply for a BMO Mastercard with a limit of $60,000.
A request from Nelson River Construction to stockpile gravel on the parking lot at the end of Main Street while they work on a highway project was given approval. This should only be for a short period of time.
Council received a letter of introduction from Peter Kreska of Diagnostic Services, Manitoba. He felt it was important to meet with municipal governments and will be visiting rural communities.
Council will get information to see if there are ‘gaps’ in coverage for graduates before creating their criteria for a new bursary.
MNP forwarded their Handivan Board audit. At first look, everything seems to be okay.
Around the table
Councillor John Anderson has received a request for better signage for the parking at the community hall. The argument against this, is that there is no enforcement of the “no parking on the yellow lines” so increased signage may not be worth the expense.
He reminded council of the Art, Dessert and Entertainment night for the Refugee effort for the community. The committee is experiencing difficulty in actually getting a refugee family, as the process seems to be bogged down now.
Good news on the ‘Code Red’ front. It appears that the Datalink information (from the Planning Office) will work with the Code Red system, and thus save a lot of duplication. The money has been paid to Code Red.
Councillor Barry Anderson spoke on behalf of the Building Committee. Although it is a joint issue, he noted that there are many “needs” under their jurisdiction, and limited funds to do them. He asked council member that are on boards that have buildings, to put together a ‘wish list’ and then prioritize it. This will give the committee a tool to allocate where their funding can be spent.
Mayor Olmstead reminded council members to promote the census coming up. While they may be a nuisance to fill out, the census figures play an important role, especially in funding from other levels of government. So please fill out your forms, and be counted! It means dollars for your municipality.
“Don’t forget to vote on April 19” said Anderson.
CAO Jones brought up several items, some of which are not public. Two Green Team positions have been applied for and they hope to have them for the summer.
Accounts totalling $87,490.80 plus direct deposits were approved for payment. Adjournment was followed by a celebration of the 3/4 century birthday of one of the Town Council members (not saying who!). Next town meeting will be May 10. The Joint Council meeting with the RM of North Cypress-Langford is set for May 2.

by Gloria Mott