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Town Council - Initial steps taken for the Lagoon Expansion

posted Mar 20, 2017, 12:58 PM by Kathy Carr
Carberry Town Coun­cil has realized for some time that an expansion of the Carberry lagoon will be needed as our community continues to grow. At the March 14 meeting of coun­cil, the first initial steps were taken to start this process. Mayor Stuart Olm­stead chaired the meeting, which immediately followed a budget meeting.
Council authorized Tetra-Tech to prepare an En­vironmental Act Pro­posal for a lagoon ex­pan­sion, at a cost of $32,332.75 to be taken from reserves. They also passed a resolution aut­horizing the cleanout of the lagoon and removal of sludge, in compliance with the Environmental Act, for a fee of $7500. This resolution is re­quired for their license to operate the lagoon, even though no cleanout or removal of sludge may take place. Council thought this may be an issue for the Red Tape Reduction panel that was seeking redundancy in Provincial acts to streamline.
In a separate, but related discussion, Planning Officer, John McEntee brought forward what the planning district meeting had pointed out, that along 351, just west of Carberry, there are lots on the north side in the “Country Residential Four” area, and lots on the south side, which exist in the “agricultural limited” area. 
McEntee pointed out that the lots on the south side would make much more sense to be in the CR4 zone. However, he noted that when any of these lots are sold, their existing sewage system will not be compliant, and they may be required to either change to holding tanks or tie into a nearby sewer system (Carberry). There are already homes and lots in North Cypress-Lang­ford tied into this system.  One of the solutions proposed would be rezoning both areas to a RR2 (Rural Residential 2) to more accurately reflect what is happening at present in the area with smaller lots (2 acres and above) and to allow for future intensification of the area in years to come, depending upon how the RM council wishes to proceed in the future. Council will calculate the additional demand that could be placed on the Carberry system.
Subdivision Approval
Mr. Simon Ryan wished to subdivide the westerly lot into three equal sized properties, two of which would be suited for condominium style residential units and the third to be used as a “park” area. The plan will also require a variation order for the minimum size to establish a ‘park, playground & tot lot’ from 21,780’ sq. to 19,320’sq. and the front yard setback from 75’ to 32’, to take into account the green space between the condominiums and the present eightplexes. One of the conditions of approval of the subdivision is the rezoning of the land from ARR (Agricultural Residential Reserve) to RHD (Residential High Density), which Mr. Ryan appeared before Council in February to discuss and answer questions. The subdivision was approved with the Rezoning hearing scheduled for the April Council meeting.
Once the condominium plans have been submitted, there may be other variation orders required. The developer must also enter into an agreement with the Town of Carberry regar­ding the development of infrastructure.
Joint meeting 
(As these are also in the NCL news, they will be brief) Alex Broad was hired for Parks and Recreation, and his wage set; Keith Loney was appointed Fire Chief and Don Menzies as Deputy Fire Chief for 2017-2019; wages for hourly paid joint employees increased by 1.5%; Kim Reynolds, caretaker, resigned. 
Councils agreed to be silver sponsors of the McCain Clear Lake Golf Classic, for a total of $2000 ($1000 from the Town of Carberry). Councillor Barry Ander­son will attend.
General Business
There was some discussion regarding the old town shop. Since it is housing several pieces of shared equipment (handivan, fire, etc.), should it be considered a joint building now? Council discussed their options and will talk to their Municipal partners at the joint meeting.
There is also consideration to look at the building next door to the municipal office, as extra storage. CAO Jones noted that there is a need to have extra space, for both the municipal office and the Cypress Plan­ning District and also with the addition of the old Langford files. Council members will look at this building prior to the next joint meeting.
Council accepted a quote from TIC Parts and Service for the purchase of a 2017 240 mower for the sum of $15,537.50 (taxes included.)
The sidewalk by Meyers Meats is still on the “to do” list, and should be redone (taking out the old coal chutes) as a joint project between the owner and the town, this spring.
Membership was paid to have public works become members of the Manitoba Waste Water Association. The membership allows them to attend workshops at a considerable discount.
Council reviewed the EMO update from Co-ordinator Brad Wells. In consideration of the last blizzard, there is thought being given to having a plan for an emergency that would address a long term loss of hydro. 
A letter of apology was received from a young offender in regards to an incident involving Town property last year.
The fire report for 2017 so far notes one call to Carberry (false alarm), with 17 calls taking place in the Municipality.
Council approved a $300 grant to Kidsport.
Council approved a grant of $3000 to Communities in Bloom for 2017. Despite their request for an increase in grant, Council are holding tight to their budget.
Unpaid accounts totalling $210.00 were added to taxes, by resolution.
The garbage levy was set at $170 per dwelling unit. This is an increase of $10 per year, the first in more than five years.
Other business
A letter from AMM noted that the province is putting in a standardized fee structure for ambulances.
Councillor J. Ander­son noted that the council does not have a mission nor a vision statement. The logo from the 125 celebrations (Your Road to Family. Friends. Home.) is most commonly used, but it may be time to upgrade for Carberry. 
A cell phone policy was also discussed – for work or for meetings. Mayor Olmstead felt that as a council tool, a smartphone should be required by all Coun­cillor's in the future.
CAO Jones noted that resolutions for the June District Meetings should be in by June 1.
J. Anderson
Anderson also brought forward the URL for a Manitoba survey on carbon tax. He urged council, and everyone to take the survey at
Accounts totalling $315,081.49 were approved for payment. Next meeting will be a joint one on March 27 and the April meeting will be April 10 (both municipal meetings will be on this day, NCL in the morning, Carberry in the afternoon).

by Gloria Mott