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Town Council - New organic sand compound will be tested this winter

posted Nov 14, 2016, 1:38 PM by Kathy Carr
Town of Carberry Coun­­cil met at 3:00 p.m. on November 8, 2016 with Mayor Stuart Olm­stead in the Chair and all of Council in attendance.
Staff Sergeant C. Wi­kander was the lone delegation for Council; he discussed the quarterly RCMP statistics for the Town of Carberry. One item that stood out was the severe reduction in traffic violations, from 28 at this time last year down to 5.  S/Sgt. Wikander will be looking at why this occurred while promising that Council would see an increase in visibility in the near future. Carberry is at full staff for Constables and will hopefully have a Corporal in place in the next few months. Mem­bers that are assigned here have been taking Edu­cational Courses to further their expertise so while we are “full staff”, they are busy doing other things. The S/Sgt also noted that Carberry and area have had quite a few “major incidents” which definitely plays a factor in staff availability for other issues. One Councillor noted the loud vehicles speeding around town and others racing on certain streets but it’s hard to get a license plate to report. Wikander asked any citizen that witnesses this to please report these individuals, if possible with a license plate, make and model of the vehicle. He stressed that when members are not in Carberry, the public is the only eyes and ears that the RCMP have.
Council approved the accounts totalling $753,232.64 plus direct deposits.
Council approved the resolutions from the joint meeting: Authorizing Keith Loney to attend the MWSA Fall Seminar in Winnipeg, December 7-9, 2016; Authorizing CAO Jones, Manger of Parks, Facilities and Sanitation Grady Stephenson, Coun­cil­lors Lin Mann and Jaime MacGregor to attend the Marquis Event in Winnipeg, November 3 and 4, 2016; Council accep­ted the Employee Appreciation Guidelines that were set out by Councillors J. Anderson and R. Drayson.

General Business
The Town of Carberry has expressed interest in joining the Whitemud Watershed Conservation District and passed a resolution requesting the Pro­vince of Manitoba to prepare a proposal outlining the terms and conditions of membership within the Whitemud Watershed Con­­servation District for the Town of Carberry’s consideration. Public Works will be purchasing a laptop, printer and in­stalling internet at the shop. A new organic sand compound was ordered to test this winter. Its secret ingredient? Beet Juice! The product can withstand colder temperatures than the current sand used and will be tested accordingly. Changes to the snow clearing priorities and order performed will take place this winter that affect certain private lots like Churches and private parking lots. Letters will be sent out by CAO Jones to give notice to the parties that will be affected and various solutions offered for clearing. Council will also be re­viewing the parking by-law in the next few months, to try and rectify some of the parking and by-law enforcement issues that have citizens concerned.
A letter from Sus­tain­able Development was received recapping that Manitoba submitted a proposal to the National Disaster Mitigation Pro­gram (NDMP) seeking approval to cost share several flood mapping projects in south western Manitoba. The letter re­ported that projects were approved by NDMP and that a large LIDAR acquisition project is currently underway in the Souris River and Whitemud Ri­ver watersheds. They are looking for assistance from the Municipalities to collect data to use for their surveys. A letter was also received by Dr. Allan Preston, the chair of the Veterinary Services Com­mission, inviting Council to meet with Minister Ralph Eichler, on Novem­ber 21 while at Con­ven­tion in Winnipeg, in regards to “Practising Veterinary Medicine in Manitoba”. The last piece of correspondence was from the Assoc. Of Ma­ni­toba Municipalities indicating that a resolution, the Town of Carberry co-sponsored in 2006, to lobby the Province to increase funding for secondary highway asphalt repairs and resurfacing, has been removed.   AMM Board of Directors decided to remove the Resolution 23/06 as the Department of Infra­struc­ture’s capital budget has increased substantially since the resolution was passed, and upgrading major trade routes, roads and bridges has become a higher priority. There are other avenues that Coun­cil can consider via grants if required.
A notice of motion was brought forward, October 11, 2016 by Councillor B. Anderson to review and reverse a decision that was made in regards to the appointment of the Operations Manager position from September 12, 2016. Council has discussed and accepted the reversal of the original decision by appointing G. Stephenson as Manager of Parks, Facilities and Sa­ni­tation.
A brief discussion took place around the table, in regards to the Old Town Shop and what should be done with it in the long-term as it is housing excess equipment, fire vehicles, handivan and the other bay(s) are being rented out. This matter will be added to the joint meeting so Council can discuss in more detail.  Council also discussed suggestions brought forth by CAO Jones to streamline the Agenda. This also spurred on a conversation to make it more accessible to the public thru the website in an effort to increase transparency. Council agreed and will work towards this goal.
Meeting was adjourned at 4:20 p.m. with next Council meeting set for December 13, 2016 at 7:00 p.m.
by Gloria Mott