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Town Council - Planning Officer McEntee brings several scenarios to Council

posted Nov 20, 2017, 11:28 AM by Kathy Carr
Carberry is blessed to have continued growth and building within the community. Carberry Town Council saw evidence of this at the November 14 meeting. Mayor Stuart Olmstead chaired the meeting with all in attendance, including Planning Officer, John McEntee, and citizen Wayne Blair.
McEntee brought several scenarios to the table. Some are official applications and some are ideas that he was seeking Council’s opinion on.
An eight-plex in the north end (Bark­man/ Koop) is seeking to place an 8’ x 12’ mac­hinery shed in the north­west corner of their property. Because they want to conserve as much parking space as possible, the request was to vary the setback distance from the side and rear property lines from five feet to one foot. The building will be around 60 feet from the main apartment building.
Council did not have a problem with this variation, and after sitting as a variation board, where they learned there were no objections to this proposal, they adjourned the board and gave approval.
Two unofficial proposals were brought forward by McEntee, from a local developer. He requested a letter of support for developing a property on Selkirk St. that had been discussed by Council earlier in the year as an “in fill” development. Council had not objections as long as it is compliant with the by-laws and “in style” with the community.
The second unofficial proposal involves a property on Fanny St. Because the property is very long, McEntee proposes to create a flag-shaped property, in which the ‘pole’ of the flag becomes the lane to the property behind the current residence. The existing house would meet all requirements, and the new property could also be compliant, except its frontage would be the 24’ of lane.
Council were not enthused about this proposal. Councillor John Anderson had concerns about finding the property with emergency vehicles. What address would it have? As the ‘lane’ would be private property, the homeowner would be responsible for clearing snow to ensure access, and some council members could see ongoing issues with that.
Discussion segued into snow clearing from properties such as apartments, which have limited place to push the snow. The snow is not allowed to be pushed onto the public road, or onto a neighbouring property.
A concern brought forward to the Council table in regards to lighting was also debated.  When a light from a property is shining in a neighbour’s living room, can it be called a nuisance and be legislated to remove or alter it?  McEntee helped Council with some research, there are a certain number of nuisances listed in the town by-laws (noise, smells, mess etc.) but excessive light pollution is not one of them. Some council members felt that purchasing a blind is sometimes the most effective solution. Ot­hers felt that the owner should be required to either put a shade on the light or point it in a different direction. Council has the option of adding excessive light pollution to the list of nuisances, but then again, who defines what is excessive?

Unfinished business
Council approved the attendance of Lin Mann to attend the David Irvine Course on November 2 in Win­nipeg (hotel and seminar costs). 
Mayor Olmstead reminded council that seminars are best pre-approved, so that proper arrangements can be made.
Council approved Trish Fraser to attend Land Titles/Property Re­gistry Training on November 15 in Bran­don, shared 50/50 with North Cypress-Lang­ford.
Keith Loney, Fire Chief, was appointed as the “local assistant” under the Fire Protection and Emergency Res­ponse Act. This will give him authorities to act and delegate in an emergency situation.

Other business
Public Works: there was some discussion regarding upcoming meetings and contract talks for the end of the year. Ryan George was hired as an indefinite term position and his wages set.
The Santa Claus parade will be on December 2nd. Coun­cillor Mann contacted Shilo about participating. 
Council has received a request from a rural resident that wishes to hook into the sewer line from the Oliver subdivision.
Council had concerns about this request. Be­cause they are rural residents, they are under no obligation to service them but being so close to sewer services this may become an ongoing issue. Council will further discuss this, resear­ch various options and canvas affected parties in the near future.
With municipal elections coming in 2018, councils are putting people in place to get the job done. The enumerator position has tentatively been filled. The SEO (senior elections officer) must be named, and council is looking at options for this. They will advertise the position and see what interest there is.

Mayor Olmstead will attend and speak at the November 16th workshop in regards to the soy processing proposal for Western Manitoba. Carberry Council is part of the contingent that is lobbying to bring such a facility to the area. Carberry has many strong attributes that will work in it's favour if and when there is an interested company that wishes to proceed.
The Justice Depart­ment sent a review of what they see as policing priorities. Coun­cillor MacGregor questioned whether they are meeting with the RCMP at the convention, and what issues are they raising? She felt that to meet with no agenda is a waste of her time and disrespectful to the police.
CAO Jones noted that the role of community policing will be just one item of discussion. 
In the ‘around the table’ session, Coun­cillor John Anderson pressed the group about fundraising for the new recreation facility. He noted that if they do not want all the money raised through taxes, they had better get started.
A complaint was received about the width of Charles Drive. The resident felt it was too narrow for trucks and trailers and wide loads. CAO Jones noted that it was a standard-sized width.
The snow removal contract is in, for the town clearing roads that are the jurisdiction of Manitoba Highways (e.g. Main St.) It was noted that the “per inch of snow” payment has not changed for a few years.
Accounts totalling $759,211.19 were app­roved for payment. This included almost $400,000 for the Beautiful Plains School Division.
Some time was spent setting a date for a meeting to start on the 2018 budget. Next town meeting will be on December 12. The November/ December joint meeting will be held December 4.
by Gloria Mott