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Town Council - Portable crosswalk coming soon

posted Jun 18, 2018, 7:34 AM by Kathy Carr
The long-awaited draft of the auditor’s report for 2016 showed a surplus in that year. Council of the Town of Carberry met for the June meeting on the 10th, with Deputy Mayor Barry Anderson in the chair due to  Mayor Olm­stead being away at a previously scheduled event. Councillors Jaime MacGregor and John Anderson were the only ones in attendance, and thus moved and carried every resolution at the meeting.
Candace Turchinski of MNP brought forward the 38-page report. She exp­lained that while a net surplus ($315,365) for the year was “good news,” it came about due to a decrease in the expense of the debenture proceeds. 2015 showed a net surplus of $78,504.
MNP is now free to devote their efforts to getting the 2017 done by the fall, which will bring the town up to date. This will also allow them to apply for certain gas tax rebates which hinge on having an audit done.
CAO Jones noted that the staff is going “back to the basics” at auditor’s recommendation and keeping track of more paperwork, rather than relying only on electronic information. The inability to find, for example, an invoice that could be in either an municipal or town file, should be lessened, if there are copies placed in both municipality’s records. The extra time in copying should be made up by less time in accessing what is needed.
Council gave approval to the 2016 audit.
The financial statement for May was approved and accounts, totaling $49,497.71 were approved for payment.
Public Works
Public Works Fore­man, Mike Sudak attended with a number of items. 
During their routine testing, it was learned that there are three hydrants that are not working properly. He is ordering the parts (mostly gaskets) and the repairs will be completed in short order. As each is repaired they will be fitted with an isolation valve, so that if one fails, it does not affect the others down the line. He noted that some need to be raised higher out of the ground as well. He has ordered a gauge that will read the number of gallons per minute at each hydrant, and will continue testing once he has it. 
Coupled with the repairs, he plans to do a training session for both the fire department and the public works.
The sewer repair needed on Jardine will commence once he has all the quotes in.
Currently we do not have emerald ash borers in this part of the province, but “they are coming.” He wishes to put up signs at the entrances into town reminding the public how not to spread this disease. 
Sudak has had experience with the disease while employed in Ontario. He noted there is a trap that would show if the bugs are in the area long before there is evidence in the 140 ash trees in Carberry. It will catch other bugs besides the ash borer, but they are easy to identify, as they are quite a size, bright green and “ugly.” As they are not expensive, he was ad­vised to get a couple of them.
Later in the meeting, Wayne Blair, who attended the meeting, noted that there are still a few elms with Dutch Elm Disease in town. He wondered whether there was funding available to remove trees that are affected. 
It was noted that trees on your own property are your responsibility. How­ever, they could apply for funding for a partial reimbursement under a provincial program.
Funding has been received through the Carberry and Area Com­munity Foundation for a portable crosswalk – about 1/3 of the cost. Council will pay the other 2/3. There was discussion as to which corner it would be best on: Main St. and 2nd Ave, or Main St. and 1st. At 1st Ave., there are a lot of children coming from the school, but at 2nd Ave., there is the additional adult traffic going to the post office.  They will settle on one location, but it is portable and can be moved to another location as well.
Other business
By resolution, council accepted the proposed concept plans as presented by Ryan Develop­ments and supports in principle the subdivision of lots 1 and 2 PT. 3 of Plan 56610.
The Truck Route and Dangerous Goods, By-Law 2115, is currently under review. They will meet to discuss, review and finalize the legislation.
Council removed an unpaid invoice from the ledger because they could not collect it without taking legal action. For­tunately, it was only $17.50.
The employee agreement, proposed for 2018-2020 was also given approval.
Gary Sallows was appointed as town representative on the Library Board.
Other resolutions were passed as a result of the May joint meeting with the Municipality of North Cypress-Langford.
CDC Tricia Zander, CAO Sandra Jones were approved to attend the Tourism Westman Gala on June 13 in Gladstone, at a cost of $40, shared jointly.
Council agreed to support the Sandhills Golf and Country Club through rental of on-course signage at a cost of $150, shared.
Two office staff were authorized to attend the “Be Ready for Cannabis Legalization” on June 26 in Brandon, at a cost of $249.
CAO Sandra Jones was approved to attend the Municipal Elections Seminar on June 22 in Brandon, also cost-shared jointly.
General Business
Council agreed to charge .25 per voter to the school divisions for sharing the voters’ information. This will help offset the considerable costs incurred in making the list up.
If an invoice for public works’ custom work is left unpaid, then it costs the municipality more than the amount of the invoice to try and receive payment. They passed an addition of 2 ½% interest monthly on unpaid ac­counts in excess of 30 days. (This does not refer to tax bills!)
In order to assure that the town receives the taxes owing on properties in tax sale, council passed a resolution placing a reserve bid amounting to the tax arrears and costs, which will be placed on tax sale properties.
Council approved the purchase of a B2324 loader B Series 54” skid steer bucket at a cost of $5142.86 plus taxes, with $3900 being taken out of the equipment reserve (2017) and the balance from the equipment operating budget (2018).
The proposed addition to the fire department building (anticipated to cost $400,000) needs of commitment of $200,000 from each council to go ahead. It was pointed out that the fire department will provide labour on the inside of the building and Councillor J. Anderson noted that he will encourage them to provide some fundraised dollars as well.
There was an issue in the tax statements inserts, so that the town tax bills have not been mailed. This has shortened the time for the largest discount and they discussed whether it should be extended. This could be done, but with a considerable amount of effort to change the software program. As there will still be two weeks left when the tax bills are out, it was decided to leave it as is. 
The Co-Chairs of the Carberry Plains Museum sent assurances that they realize that council members cannot attend every event held, although they would welcome them at any fundraisers they do have.
This prompted Coun­cillor MacGregor to say that she would rather have people’s concerns expres­sed by coming to a meeting, rather than put on social media.
The CN Community Report was received.
Around the table
Councillor Anderson noted that a fundraising committee for the new rink has been formed, with Jamie Smart at the helm. He is eagerly anticipating another meeting.
CAO Jones noted that she has limited information to share from Mor­den, that has instituted a town-wide free internet. She understands there will be some kind of an informational meeting at some point.
Anderson had questioned “Who has the rights to the King Spud logo?” He will contact a former McCain employee to find out. 
Wayne Blair questioned why there is no signage on the dog-walking area in the north end. How is anyone to know what it is, unless they are local? This lead to a suggestion that there could be signage on the highway so that people travel­­ling with dogs might be enticed to go into town to give their animal a break. Blair suggested providing an access for vehicles, but MacGregor noted that she was not willing to remove trees for that purpose. She felt that there could be signage indicating where to park on Wheatland Drive, and the dog could be walked to the enclosure.
Adjournment came at a near record time of 8:25! This was especially good for the reporter, who came out of retirement to attend this meeting (and is rusty!)

by Gloria Mott