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Town Council - Sudak presents plans for Public Works to Council

posted Dec 18, 2017, 8:47 AM by Kathy Carr
What equipment will be purchased? What streets will get fixed? Where will sewer be extended? A vision of where the town council is going, as it pertains to public works, was presented to the town council at their last meeting of the year, December 12. Mayor Stuart Olmstead chaired the meeting.
Public Works Fore­man, Mike Sudak brought forward a plan – or rather, several plans for the Town of Carberry. These were presented by power point, and the first schedule was for equipment. He proposed a plan to rollover equipment that is aging, and acquiring replacement machinery. Top of the list for 2018 are the Kubota tractor and the Case backhoe. If all goes according to plan, after five years, the equipment would all be replaced.
Council looked at various options for replacing one of the tractors, and one piqued their interest. 
Not only would it be a newer, better machine, but it would be able to perform several jobs, including the sanding of the streets. Sudak will get more information as requested by the mayor.
He also had produced schedules and maps for extending the sewer north, southeast and west of town. He used past costs for digging sewers, and council felt that the amount could be less if the lines were pushed. He also added costs of hydrants. Altogether, the price would be substantial, however, if they were parcelled out over time, it could be manageable.
Sudak had driven all around town and checked the condition of the streets. He identified ten streets that need upgraded. He then produced a list of the sidewalks: some that need to be repaired, some that needed to be changed so that they don’t just “end”; some that are in terrible condition, some that do not need to be on both sides of the road and some that should be built. He felt that if a plan could be implemented, the work could be accomplished.
The sewer line from the Anson manhole to the sewer lift was blocked solid. Public works cleaned it out and then ran a camera down it. What they found was very surprising: wood! Who puts wood down a toilet?  Sand, sticks, and even rocks were detected. This raised some questions about the dumping of sewage by trucks in the Anson manhole. He wondered if fees should be instituted, or even a license paid, so that sewer trucks dumping would have some kind of a sticker to show they had purchased the right to dump there.  Council felt they should study this in the New Year as to what other communities do.
Council thanked the foreman for the considerable amount of work he had done to put the presentation together. They feel that they have a good tool that will help them with budgeting in the coming year.

Other business
Council approved the attendance of Trish Fraser to the “Other Duties as Assigned” course in Portage la Prairie.  This was a retroactive resolution as the course, which was very worthwhile, was attended last Friday. Costs were shared with the Mun. of North Cypress-Langford.
Council gave approval to the updated Opera­tional Emergency Plan for NCL and the Town of Carberry.
Grady Stephenson was approved to attend the Rec Connections Conference in Winnipeg from February 28-March 2, plus hotels and mileage, also shared with NCL.
Council authorized the purchase of one LifePak Express Semi-Automatic AED machine and case at the cost of $1195 per AED machine and $295 per case. Each municipality now has one to be lent out for use at community events.
Council discussed a house that Councillor Mann felt qualified as ‘derelict’. However, CAO Jones assured her that it met the codes, so there was not much they could do. Council can only step in when there is a health or safety issue, or a contravention of the maintenance and occupancy by-law.

Cannabis discussion
The Association of Manitoba Municipalities sent out a questionnaire in regards to the upcoming legalization of cannabis on July 1. It asked whether the council was prepared to allow the sale of legal cannabis within the municipality.
Reaction from council was mostly positive. Mayor Olmstead felt that as a proposed outlet meets the requirements imposed, there should be no problem. Councillor J Anderson insisted that “as long as it is legal” he had no problem with it. Councillor Mann was not in favour, and Councillor B. Anderson was a cautious “yes.” Councillor MacGregor was not in attendance, but overall, it was a “yes”.
An interesting aspect of the discussion was that it may be possible for farmers to grow it, provided they meet the regulations, such as fencing and appropriate security.
In other communications, a letter was received in response to the Mayor’s letter to Highways regarding the paving job on Wellwood Rd and First Ave, and the railroad crossing by McCain’s.
The paving did not turn out as well as hoped, due to the conditions and the cold weather. On First Ave., it was just standard repair. They are reluctant to put rumble strips on Wellwood Rd., for fear of disturbing residents nearby. They offered a large flashing stop sign, which did not address the fact that drivers that fail to stop have usually been asleep.
The crossing at the potato plant is low from years of heavy loads on the rails. It will be addressed next summer.

Around the table
B. Anderson noted that there was a large dog on the loose in his end of town.
J. Anderson reported on the “Skating with Santa” event, which the kids seemed to enjoy. He also returned to the “fundraising for the new rink” idea, pushing for details of what is, or could be implemented, to add to the present fund. Mayor Olmstead spoke of the Recreation Direc­tor has been working on this diligently behind the scenes and there are major plans in the works for the new year.
The Mayor also noted that the parade was very good, and the weather was excellent!
CAO Jones noted that she is getting the new parking by-law ready for their study.
The reporter was given the opportunity to speak, on this her last meeting as council reporter. She thanked the councils for all she has had the opportunity to learn on the job, and especially the CAO (and past CAOs) for their support. To gain an understanding of how local government works is a real benefit! And “NO,” was the answer to a possible opening in the 2018 elections!  Council expressed their sincere gratitude for all of the hard work the reporter has done on behalf of the current council and past councils and wished her all the best in her retirement.
Prior to adjournment, accounts paid by cheque and direct deposits totaling $252,307.30 were approved for payment. Council spent some time in camera to address personnel issues.
Next meeting will be January 9, which the new reporter will attend. The January joint meeting will be held on January 22.

Signing off!
Gloria Mott