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Town Council By-Law 5/2015 still before the Public Utilities Board

posted Feb 20, 2018, 9:18 AM by Kathy Carr
The council of the Town of Carberry met on Tuesday evening Feb­ruary 13, with Mayor Olmstead in the chair and all councillors present, along with CAO Jones and Development Officer McEntee.
There were to have been two delegations scheduled, but unable to attend.
Planning Matters
Rick McDonald has asked McEntee how to get sewer service to the workshop he is planning on the south side of Fourth Avenue across from Ottawa Street. The Environment Officer has suggested that a holding tank would be sufficient, and requires only the usual setbacks and a letter from the town stating that sewer service is not available at that location. As the nearest connection point of the sewer system is too high for a practical hookup, and a lift station is out of the question for the very few buildings that would be served in the area, council directed the CAO to send such a letter, and further to send one to Ray Muirhead, who plans a similar installation on another of the small lots on the south of Fourth.
CAO Jones raised the issue of the costs and procedures of hookup to the sewer system. Generally speaking, costs incurred within the property line are borne by the landowner, and those beyond the property line are the town’s, but — what should be done about costs such as the digging up and repaving of a street occasioned by the hookup or repair? Who bears the cost of an unauthorized hookup? Whose workers are to perform hookups or repairs? What recourse would the town have if something went wrong and spread water damage? She would like a set of firm policies about how costs are to be met, and who is to perform any work on the sewer system. If a connection charge is to be instated, there is the further complication of whether it must come before the Public Utilities Board, who are already the holdup with the preparation of tax notices. Council agreed that a clear and comprehensive set of policies should be drawn up; Jones was encouraged to prepare something for discussion.
Development Officer McEntee reported that he has noted a number of “seacans” [shipping containers] and a fabric-covered structure on the land of Noble Repair. These have not been sanctioned with a permit, though they would be a permitted use in an industrial zone, but they are located in an area that is governed by the Highway Traffic Board, who have designated a Highway Control Zone along any highway such as PTH 5. Owner has been advised of the problem, and will be attending a hearing of the Highway Traffic Board in the near future. Depending on the outcome, there may be some variations required, as the town plan already re­quires a 125’ setback from a highway.
Finally, McEntee brought before council the final form of the subdivision application by Ray Muirhead to resize two lots on Second Avenue, and create a third lot facing Selkirk. This will require six variation orders to alter the setbacks and overall areas of the lots involved. The proposal was approved.
Finance and Accounts
After review by council, accounts and direct deposits totaling $249,711.12 were approved for payment.
By-law 5/2015, which sets the water rates, is still before the Public Utilities Board. CAO Jones has been advised that the application is now 9th in the queue for hearing, and will most likely be settled by March.
By-law 5/2017, which details the parking regulations for the town, still requires detailed examination because of its complexity. A review was scheduled following the meeting.
Unfinished Business
From the Joint Coun­cils meeting, it was agreed to raise the wages of joint employees by 1.5% for 2018 and 2% in 2019, effective January 1st of each year. The costs to be borne 50/50 by the town and the Municipality.
It was also agreed to hire Tyler Kwiatkowski as a summer casual worker to work with the weed supervisor. His wages will also be split evenly with NCL Council.
The request of Cassan and McLeod to connect to the municipal sewer line to the north of their properties is to be approved, as the NCL Council has expressed no concerns.
At the request of administration, there will be a moratorium of two years on the purchase of boulevard trees. The time is needed to research a short list of suitable trees, establish where they are best located, and determine a policy on whose responsibility and ex­pense they are maintained.
CAO Jones, Manager of Parks, Facilities and Sanitation Stephenson, Foreman Sudak, and Councillor Mann were approved to attend an AMM leadership workshop in Portage on Feb­ruary 16. Costs include registration, mileage and meals. Those of Jones and Stephenson will be split 50/50 with the Municipality; Sudak and Mann will be wholly at the town’s expense.
General Business
Concerns were raised about ongoing security measures at the Old Town Hall and a review was taken by staff and Coun­cil. Additional security measures were discussed and advised by staff to assure the ongoing safety of staff and general public that use the facility.
A large dog jumped the fence in which it was contained, and once out attacked a smaller dog being walked by its owner. The smaller dog required attention from the vet, and there is a concern whether the large dog is vaccinated. This is a safety issue; though the owner of the smaller dog was not personally in­jured.  Since the large dog has proved its ability to escape its yard, there is a serious concern.
There is to be a Weed Seminar for the region at the Community Hall on March 21, and usually a council member attends these events. CAO Jones was asked to register one member from council, and it will be between B. Anderson and Mayor Olmstead who attends.
On the subject of pest control, there is concern of an infestation of the Emerald Ash Borer in trees of the town. Weed Supervisor Loney will be acquiring the necessary pesticide, and adding it to the list of chemicals on his annual advertisement/notice.
Since the Rural Council has actively chosen to withdraw from the CodeRed warning program, the Town has agreed to take on their sign-ups and the responsibility of ensuring the protection of our citizens at large. The Town and Fire Department will be actively promoting the program throughout the region. The fire department will be advertising it at their events, and with a laptop and a Wi-Fi connection can sign up people on the spot. The municipal office will also be taking sign-ups, so if you want the coverage; it is just a matter of stopping in at the office.
CAO Jones, ACAO Fraser, and FO McCon­nell were authorized to attend the MMAA Con­vention in Winnipeg, April 22-25. Costs of registration, hotels, meals and mileage to be split 50/50 with North Cyp­ress-Langford.
Council and CAO Jones were authorized to attend the Mayors’, Reeves’, and CAOs’ meetings April 10, 2018 in Brandon, and the Municipal Officials’ Seminar on the 11th and 12th. The costs for CAO Jones are to be split 50/50 with NCL.
The Town Scavenger, Gary Baldwin, is to be given an increase of 2.3% effective January 1, 2018. Council discussed job duties and expectations and staff will follow up with clarification.
The Council Indem­nity was raised by the same 2.3% that was given to the town employees.
Council accepted with regret the resignation of Sharon McNeily from the Western Manitoba Regional Library Board and the local Library Board. A letter of thanks for her service will be sent.  A new representative will be required, if you are interested, please contact the Town Office.
Council approved the Public Works four-year agreement from 2018-2021, subject to the non-unionized policy.
Manitoba Sustainable Development is working on aligning conservation districts and watersheds.
The Agricultural Hall of Fame requests financial support.
The Westman Oppor­tunities Leadership Group sent thanks for the support they have re­ceived from the town. The EDO and mayor will be involved in the ongoing work of the group, which is working on Economic Deve­lopment on a grander scale than would have been possible without extensive provincial and university support. It has been an eye-opener for the participants.
Paul Garland wrote to assure council that the history book he is working on will soon be in council’s hands. He added a song he has written.
The council of the Municipality forwarded a letter they received from Kelly Garnett in response to their Special Services Levy announcement.  It con­tained several thoughtful concerns about the funding of recreation, but concerns raised applied to the Municipality situation rather than the Town's.  Since Garnett is a town resident, Council took note of her concerns.
Crimestoppers reques­ted funding for their service, which is helpful to the police in inviting warnings and information. Council agreed to support the service to the amount of $200.
With the Manitoba 55+ Games are coming to the area around Glen­boro, including Carberry, council agreed to become a Gold Sponsor of the games for $500.
Kidsport is seeking support for their work which enables disadvantaged youth to participate in sport by supplying equipment, etc. Council agreed to provide the requested $300 support.
Around the Table
B. Anderson asked about budget meetings. There will be a meeting with the auditors shortly to iron out procedural details and try and streamline the ongoing process. The 2016 audit should be complete before the end of March, and most figures needed for budgeting are ready. Teresa will be asked to set up some meetings as soon as practical.
J. Anderson has concerns with the Rec­reation Board. He would like to see an active fundraising committee set up, and goals set. More public information would help, because there seems to be a growing fear that the new rec facility program is stagnant. This is definitely not the case, but the public should be made aware of the progress, and the steps to be taken (and funded). He is also concerned that the work that Andrew Smith was doing for the project has not been adequately taken up by anyone else. As there is an active, ongoing search for a new Rec. Program­mer/Direc­tor, his concerns were noted.
Council adjourned at 9:20 p.m. Next meeting of the Carberry Town Council will be on March 13th.

by John McNeily