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Town Council Could Solar-Power Crosswalk signs be coming to Carberry?

posted Sep 12, 2017, 9:24 AM by Kathy Carr

If Foreman Mike Sudak could have his way, there would be solar-powered crosswalk signs in place at several critical crossings for students. Sudak brought information on these and other items to the Carberry Town Council meeting which was held one week early on September 5. Mayor Stuart Olmstead and only two council members were in attendance.
On a recent trip to Edmonton, he had encountered these new crosswalks, and was so impressed with how visible they are, and how helpful they would be that he investigated them more.  On sale, they still are $6695 for a pair – one each side of the crosswalk.
Council felt these would be very good near the school, and at places like 1st and Fanny where a number of children cross. They will look into grants to see if the cost of these signs, which would enhance safety on some of the busier streets that children must cross, could qualify for funding.
Sudak brought a quote for inspections of the back-up generator and control board for the fire water reserve that must be done on a regular basis which is mandated. 
The quote also included monthly checks (at double the cost), but Sudak gave assurances that these could be performed by public works. For three years of semi-annual checks, the cost is approximately $7200 – which would be split between the two councils. This was deferred to the joint meeting for discussion.
Sewer lines were also an issue for discussion with plans to water jet various lines and have a camera run through them for inspection.  There are some lines that definitely need to be done, and he mentioned some Dufferin, Jardine, Baron Bay and Smart Electric locations that should be done this year. However, on an ongoing basis, he proposed to divide the town into sections and do one section each year. This would enable council to be able to budget what needs to be spent.
He suggested that a manhole needs to be installed at Jardine and Foster where there is a T-joint. This was missed when the line was installed (prior to paving) and council ex­pressed some regret that a piece of paving will have to be torn up to install the manhole.
Charles Drive is still on the paving list for this year. A fibreoptic cable that has to be moved hindered the work taking place when they thought it would.
A large volume of water that has to be cleared out of a well near the new shop, had Mike suggesting that a good, close place to dump it, would be on the ball fields nearby. It would maybe perk them up.
Resolutions from the joint meeting
The cost of issuing a tax certificate was raised from $20 to $25.
Tracy Saunderson was appointed to the Rec­reation Board (replacing Tracy Deveau).
Council agreed to sponsor the Carberry Sandhills Big Hole Golf Tournament for $200 (shared 50/50 between Carberry and North Cypress-Langford.)
Council also agreed to sponsor the Manitoba Plowing Days for $50. This was also jointly shared.
Other business
The town had applied for a grant for the Walker path (along 1st Ave.) This was declined because the town did not meet the criteria – mainly because the gas tax funding numbers could not be confirmed because the audit was not done.
Councillor MacGregor was concerned that not only did the town lose out on money for the walking path, but they also missed out on community development. CAO Jones has expressed this frustration to the auditors that the audits need to be done in a more timely manner.
Council agreed that CAO Jones and Assist. CAO Fraser be authorized to attend the By-law Enforcement Seminar on September 8 in Winnipeg – with costs shared between the two municipalities.
Council excused Councillor B. Anderson from meetings for family concerns.
“What’s the Big Idea?” is a program that encourages entrepreneurship in the community by giving local people a chance to vet their ideas for businesses that are needed or “would fly” in the local area. Successful ideas net cash prizes to assist with their implementation.
Carberry and North Cypress-Langford have joined Neepawa and Minnedosa in this venture. Carberry Council approved a sponsorship of $1000 to “What’s the Big Idea?”
Communications &  Around the table
MADD sent a copy of their yearbook and thanked Council for their advertisement.
Newsletters were re­ceived from the Seton Centre and the Royal Ca­nadian Artillery Museum.
Councillor J. Anderson expressed his appreciation for the exemplary and organized work of the public employees during the Pearson funeral that was held at the rink. Many others have expressed their thanks for the orderliness, in what was a shocking day for the whole community. Mayor Olm­stead had conveyed his thanks to the public employees.
He also gave council some insight on possible changes in regards to dealing with the Highway Traffic Board. Dealing with the HTB on minor issues has been frustrating for council and administration and any progress on this would be helpful.
CAO Jones noted that when residential properties were allowed on Main Street, the intention was to keep the front yard “business-like.” They have received complaints that “unbusiness-like” activity is taking place in the front of a Main Street rental. A look at the conditional use order that was issued, does not contain any specific restrictions these activities, i.e. loun­ging/sunbathing, despite the fact that it was discussed at length with the property owner prior to the issuance of the CUO. 
CAO Jones will write a letter to the tenant. Coun­cil will also suggest that the property owner could install some type of “privacy screens” that would allow these activities to take place in the side yard.
Jones had also checked into the noise by-law, as there had been some complaints about spray plane activity early on Sunday. The by-law restricts noise on Sundays or holidays to after 9:00 a.m. 
“We are a farming community,” said Coun­cillor MacGregor, noting that farmers need to spray when the wind and weather cooperate and council should be mindful of being too restrictive. Others felt that Sunday and holiday restrictions would not be that hard for sprayers to accommodate. A copy of the by-law will be sent to spray plane operators. 
The Manitoba Municipal Administrators District Meeting will be held September 15. Three from the office will attend, but there will be adequate coverage for the day.
By-law, finances
There was a mail-out from the Public Utilities Board, spelling out the new sewer costs under by-law 2/2015. Only one person caught the error on the mailer that listed the new charges as “quarterly” instead of annually. These will not be implemented until 2018.
Accounts totalling $393,236.83 were approved for payments, including those payments made by direct deposit. 
An “in camera” session was held at the end of the meeting, where assisted living was discussed. Next meeting will be on October 10, and a joint meeting will be held October 23.

By Gloria Mott