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Trans Canada Trail Committee Bows Out

posted Dec 26, 2016, 4:43 PM by Kathy Carr
At an impromptu ceremony on Wednesday, December 14, the Trans Canada Trail Committee presented the Town and Municipality with their remaining funds, and passed control of the trail to the municipalities.
The Trans Canada Trail is an immense undertaking, linking the Atlantic, the Pacific, and the Arctic Oceans with a walking trail that when complete, will stretch 24,000Km. It is one of the longest such undertakings in the world. 
In its passage across Canada, it passes through North Cypress-Langford and Carberry in a north­/south direction, coming up from the Assiniboine River in South Cypress, and passing on to Neep­awa and the old repurposed CNR roadbed known as the Rossburn Subdivision. For more details check out or perhaps go for a walk, and look at the trail map at the waystop near the fairground gate.
Each section of the trail is maintained by local efforts, often by volunteers, and the trail committee has been looking after matters in this area since the idea was brought forward back in the nineties. 
It will now be looked after by the Recreation Department, and will remain one of the unique amenities of the area. Carberry and North Cyp­ress-Langford are rare in being where the trail crosses the Trans Canada Railways, the Trans Canada Highway, and the Trans Canada Pipeline, not to mention some of the major glass fibre trunks of the Internet.

by John McNeily