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We want to know your ideas

posted Dec 21, 2015, 8:01 AM by Kathy Carr
The Town of Carberry and RM of North Cypress-Langford are growing and show signs of continued expansion. What are some of the factors individuals look for when choosing a community in which to grow roots? The school division, the local business community and the recreation facilities, to name a few.  
Recreation plays an important role in building a complete community. Recreation facilities provide great spaces to play, learn, grow and connect.  
Are we able to continue to meet the needs of our growing community for years to come? The Carberry Plains Community Centre Recreation Board is currently looking into answering this question!
As the population continues to grow, it is necessary to ensure that recreation opportunities meet the Town and RM’s changing needs. It is important that trends and future recreation needs for the community are taken into consideration when looking ahead. For example –  fifteen years ago, soccer was only played in schoolyards and backyards in our community. Now, soccer is an organized extracurricular sport in Carberry, which requires space to play and warrants a need for permanent soccer pitches.  
The hockey/skating arena and pool are nearing the end of their life cycles, or will require major overhauls in the future to maintain their operation. The Recreation Board’s intent is to be as proactive as possible, rather than having to be reactive and make hasty decisions. Recognizing that recreation, health and sports centres are essential to Canadian communities, our board is committed to continuing to provide these amenities in ours.  
Will an entire complex be built at once? Will it be built in phases based on need and funds available?  Is a new facility even feasible? 
If a new facility was constructed, what would the community want to see? A regulation size ice surface? Six sheets of curling ice? A four lane pool? A fitness centre? Walking/running track? Fitness class studio?  Healthy Living classroom space? Food services? 
Dreaming is great, but planning is a must! This process takes time, lots of energy, lots of research.  
2016 is set to be a big year for the Rec. Board in terms of investigating the needs of our community, and the feasibility of new recreation components.
The Rec. Board sought out the public in 2015 for feedback on Recreation, Programming and Facility needs. Those survey results have now been compiled, which gives the committee their first peek at the needs, interests and opinions of the community.  
So, what’s in the works for 2016?
An invitational event called a World Café will be held in January. Topics of discussion will focus on the outcome of the needs survey that was circulated in early 2015, as well as requests for input on priorities and timelines for recreation in our community.  
The results of the survey as well as the feedback from the World Café will be vital components of the Feasibility Study, which will be contracted out in early 2016. Our Rec. Director has obtained a grant to cover a substantial portion of this study! 
Once the Feasibility Study is complete, the Rec. Board can begin creating the Carberry/RM of North Cypress-Langford Recreation Facility Master Plan. All of the information collected will be used in the development of this long-term Rec. Master Plan. What are the immediate goals? What are the 5, 10, 15 year goals?  What are the needs of the community and what is our highest priority?  
Aside from investigating and planning, the other key component to taking on this project is the funding. Constructing a multi-million dollar com-plex will require funding from various stakeholders. In order to obtain any Federal or Provincial grant dollars, the Feasibility Study and Rec. Master Plan must be completed. Without this planning, those vital dollars will not be available to us.  
We are very excited to dig deeper into the needs of our community, and develop a well thought out plan for moving forward.  
Community members are encouraged to help shape the future of Carberry/North Cypress-Langford by giving their input on the Recreation Master Plan! Please contact any of our Rec. Board members to share your thoughts and ideas! We welcome your input!  The nine Rec. Board members for the Carberry Plains Community Centre are: Jamie Smart, Richard Manns, Clyde McCallum, Colin Knox, Brianna Renwick, Tracy Deveau, Fred Jackson, Barry Anderson and Stu Olmstead.  
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