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Women supporting Women with Handbags of Hope

posted Oct 31, 2016, 8:56 AM by Kathy Carr
All too often we turn on the radio, TV, social media device or open a newspaper and we see or hear of violence, abuse and killings. So last year when I heard of a small group in Alberta collecting gently used handbags and filling them with ladies items and dropping them off at their local women’s shelter, I thought it was a great idea as most of us women have a spare purse or two in our closets!
Although we realize that crisis situations and abuse are not gender specific and unfortunately have no age boundaries, we thought that with being women and mothers, maybe we could help try to empower those wo­men and mothers because if they feel good and are supported physically, mentally and emotionally, her family unit will also reap those benefits.
So I talked the handbag idea over with my daughter and two daughters-in-law and we decided to put out a call to the local community and women. Our hopes is that women will come together, filling some handbags full of products from personal care items to makeup, nail polish, gloves, slippers, flashlights etc., that Car­berry and Area Handbags for Hope can deliver these bags to the YWCA Women’s Shelter in Brandon that serves our surrounding area.
It is our “HOPE” that these handbags can perhaps brighten a ladies day somewhat and that she can find comfort in knowing that there are women and moms in the Carberry and surrounding area who care about her and her well being.
The final drop off destination will be at Reilly’s Home Hardware Annual Ladies Night on Thursday, November 10. If you have any questions at all contact: Eola Elliott, Ashley Pearce, Candace Church-Elliott or Sandra Elliott. Women supporting women in a time of crisis.

Submitted by Eola Elliott